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Roof of Care

At MLPCare we put our hearts in the care of our patients. This is supported in our annual statistics, patient testimonials, patient stories or stories of exceptional care.

Excellence in Care

Seeing patient's satisfaction whether reflected in statistic or their own voice gives us immense joy and sense of purpose. MLPCare, we understand that excellent ...

Advanced Technology Devices

Diagnosis and treatment units as well as accommodation and technology and devices are high quality and meet international standards at MLPCare hospitals.


MLPCare hospitals operate in line with local and international quality standard documents and certificates, such as JCI accreditation and ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate.

A Hospital Design That Combines the Technology and the Design

All processes, sensitivity in all diagnosis and treatment services...

Academic Collaborations

Being the hospital system that is noticed with the widest coverage area and rendering healthcare services all over Turkey, MLPCare continuously increase the scientific...

Extra Services

A New Life

Medical Park supported the realization of “New Life” project in order to raise awareness of organ donation and to increase survival rates. In an emotional approach, “The new Life” documentary bearing signature of famous journalist and author Tuluhan Tekelioğlu points out; the donors left a “mark” in the heart of people who hold on to life due to organ transplantation.

We Are Moms, We Are Healthy

Acting in line with early diagnosis of diseases and regular control visits in order to create a happy, healthy and fertile future, Liv Hospital appended signature on the social responsibility project titled “We are Healthy Mothers and Children” for mothers and children. 1.500 women participated in the project, while 250 children received pediatric health and early childhood development examination.

From Heart to Heart

The social responsibility project titled “Heart to the Heart” initiated by Liv Hospital to increase awareness on cardiovascular diseases screened 1.400 people in 4 months. This screening project is based on a questionnaire form addressing risk factors of cardiovascular diseases, risk scoring, electrocardiography, fasting blood glucose and cholesterol panel as well as imaging of vascular atherosclerosis and coronary calcium scoring that determines the risk of cardiovascular disease.

I Know!

Liv hospital launched a social project titled “I know” screening cancer in 4.000 people. Outstanding data is generated by the project that screened breast, lung, colon, cervical and prostate cancer in people aged between 40 to 65 years in longer than 4 months. The project titled “I will take measures against cancer for me, for my loved ones and for the future. Because life is good” addressed the importance of early diagnosis in therapeutic processes of the cancer; the grim reality of today.

We can achieve together

Medical Park, possessing the first privately owned oncology hospital of Turkey, initiated the project titled “We can achieve together with Psycho-oncology Association” by emphasizing the importance of psychology in fighting against the cancer based on the knowledge in this field. Medical Park integrated the free-of-charge psychological support to the patients in the process of the commonly fought against by patients, family members, physicians and healthcare professionals.


MLPCare brands, ranging from Medical Park, Liv Hospital and Istinye Hospital, support sports clubs, sports complexes, sports organizations and athletes in a wide range of sports from football to tennis. MLPCare undertake health sponsorship of numerous sports clubs. Moreover, MLPCare is honored to maintain health sponsorship of clubs and holding brand name rights of Trabzonspor stadium.
MLP Care aims to raise the bar for sports medicine for Turkish athletes with MLPCare hospital brands. MLPCare act in line with the fact that worldwide achievements by healthy athletes contribute to the publicity of Turkey and the brand value of the company. Moreover, MLPCare believe that sports contribute to the public health.

Medical Park Services

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Enabling all patients, irrespective of socioeconomic status, access healthcare services at international standards based on the principle ``healthcare for all``, Medical Park not only closely monitors all advanced technologies and therapeutic methods worldwide, but it also aims to serve as a model which supports science and innovative practices.
Gathering specialists, patient-oriented service approach and multi-disciplinary work in one roof, Medical Park Group of Hospitals provides quality diagnostic and therapeutic services in all hospitals, including four accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI).
Affiliations with outstanding universities of Turkey make contribution to qualified staff of Medical Park hospitals and to development of universities. Those affiliation agreements aim educating and training qualified medical doctors, maximize quality of healthcare services and breaking new grounds in the field of medicine. Medical Park make the best efforts with no pause in order to spread and popularize sports, which is an inevitable component of health, and to make it a life style. We feel honored and happy to be sponsor of major sport clubs and sportsmen of Turkey.
Medical Park keep going serving patients and making people healthy on this road we departed for healthier Turkey

VM MedicalPark Services

Medical Park continues adding new members to the chain in accordance with the principle ``it is every people's right to live healthy and have equal access to healthcare services and it takes firm steps to spread all regions of Turkey and to increase healthcare standards based on advanced technology, with no sacrifice from medical ethics. Continuously setting higher service standards and combining ease of access, experience and volume with patient oriented treatment approach, the Group aims to create a totally new vision in the healthcare sector with the brand ``VM Medical Park``. Carrying the hospital business adapted to changing life style, VM Medical Park makes all diagnostic and therapeutic modalities, which are recently used worldwide, innovative medical technologies and experienced physician staff meet in a contemporary hospital environment. VM Medical Park’s efficient, sustainable and dynamic operation system, which is based on team work, opens door to a healthy future.
Each new hospital further increase quality and quantity of the service and the Group is not only providing citizens of the society with healthcare services, But also supports social responsibility projects, which are conducted in any issue required by Turkey and abroad.
VM Medical Park has started out in 2015 in line with the vision “adding value to the health care”, and since the hospital business approach is adapted to the changing lifestyle, all healthcare needs are met by physicians based on advanced technological infrastructure and superior service approach.

Liv Hospital Services

Rendering healthcare services by physicians with academic title, who had broken new grounds in relevant medical departments, Liv Hospital has succeeded to be one of reference hospitals in Turkey based on specific treatment programs and personalized healthcare service.
Liv Hospital’s mission is to improve the health of all its international patients by setting the standard of excellence in individual patient care.
Liv Hospital’s International Office aims to provide international patients with stress-free access to Liv Hospital’s medical services across the entire range of medical specialties, as an integral part of Liv Hospital’s overall mission to make a difference by offering a service that protects people’s health and heals them when they become sick.
Liv Hospital aim to make all its international patients and their loved ones feel at home, in their own language and in their own culture, from the moment of their first enquiry to their safe return home. Liv Hospital combines the highest level of care and medical expertise with a team of highly experienced specialists, surgeons, nursing and ancillary staff.

Istinye Universty Hospital Services

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Istinye University Health Application and Research Center was founded in 2016 on 23-year knowledge and experience of MLP Care, the parent company of Medical Park, VM Medical Park and Liv Hospital, in the field of healthcare. 307 beds, 94 intensive care beds and 12 operating theatres (IVF + Ophthalmology) are available in the hospital with 62.500 square meter indoor area. It provides service in 39 medical branches with 11 professors, 10 associate professors and 52 specialists.
Being founded on a quarter-century experience, Istinye University combines academic approach with flawless service and advanced technological infrastructure serves the aim of achieving the excellence in the health.